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Rana Hajjar

Rana’s consultancy was written for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) who are actively working in Lebanon to assist with the shelter needs of Syrian refugees. The NRC was specifically interested in the outcomes of single- parent female led households. Through in depth interviews with nearly 50 households, the consultancy provided key recommendations to the NRC to improve gender mainstreaming to deal with issues of discrimination that these women faced in the private rental market.

Rana Hajjar is an Executive Masters in Cities Alumnus (Class of 2017-2019) where she received a distinction. The following story looks at the impact that her consultancy work has had on the refugee shelter sector.

Upon completing the consultancy, Rana presented her work in a number of conferences including the UNHCR’s main conference in the region that brought together organisations such as UN-Habitat, Save the Children, the NRC and the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs. The consultancy received great traction with one of the key donors attending the conference asking Rana to consider expanding her work to include the outcomes of women in two parent households.

The NRC has since used Rana’s consultancy in global shelter conferences and has recently published the entire work as a key reference point in the shelter sector within its website:

  • Rana Hajjar
    Rana Hajjar
    Senior Project Manager, Beirut
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Rana Hajjar
Senior Project Manager, Beirut

Rana is a Project Manager who has been managing and delivering construction
and development projects for the past twelve years across various cities in the
Middle East region; mainly in Beirut, Dubai, and Doha. Her experience to date
has been predominantly with the multinational consultancy firm AECOM (and
previously Davis Langdon), and her most recent tenure was at their Qatar office
working on projects for clients in leading oil and gas companies. Rana has
recently decided to relocate back to her homeland Lebanon and will be focusing
on pursuing an Executive Masters in Cities at LSE while potentially exploring new
career opportunities.
In her own time, Rana has worked extensively in the non-profit sustainability field.
In the past few years she has been an active member of the interest groups created
by the Qatar Green Building Council, where she worked with local universities
on raising the new generation’s awareness about the environmental aspect of
sustainability in new buildings and development projects.
Rana holds academic qualifications in Civil Engineering (American University of
Beirut, Lebanon), Project Management (American University of Beirut, Lebanon),
and Sustainable Development (SOAS, London).